Crafting and honing media strategies

Our principal goal is to obtain the maximum results within the allotted budget. After all, a brilliant strategy would give you the desired outcome and would bring us the contentment of implementing it.

Our secret? Pure and simple co-operation with you, our client, from the very moment we start sorting out the objectives to the painstaking attention in the media-channel-selection process. Add to that the thorough analyses of every media and the part it plays in the mix according to its usefulness for your campaign. In the end you have the close to perfect mixture for your product and business.

After all, our know-how amassed for more than 20 years on the Bulgarian media market, the meticulous research enabled by tons of data and the tools for media planning, combined with our out of the box thinking, turn us into the Partner you wished you would always had by your side.

Media planning, buying and reporting

The most outstanding thing about Argent are its people – we treasure our experienced team with its incredible energy and perfect coordination. The truth is that a single multi-channel media campaign needs the combined efforts of at least 4 people, who would analyse, plan, buy and follow everything through to its end with the final report. In other words, the comprehensive preparation of the campaign and the precise optimization of the media channels, followed by minute tracking and ad hoc changes, should there be any, guarantee the achievement of the pre-defined objectives.

Analyses, research and data

We are at our element in the world of numbers. They give us the security and proof as media experts, when we are about to show you, our clients, that your investments are in the right spot and would hit the aim. At the tip of our fingers are great many sources of data and information, which helps us analyse in detail the target groups, the competition, as well as the media channels. We know by heart the available tools and even had the audacity to develop our own, the moment we decided that the ones we have are not enough to answer all your questions. Moreover, we could never forget that actually numbers are people guided by their behaviour, penchants and status.

  • Media market trends – new media, tools and methodology.
  • Strategic media planning – target group and competition analyses, media mix and budget allocation with frequency optimization as well as provisional media plan.
  • Negotiation and media buying – special media deals with singular rebates and bonuses.
  • Detailed media planning – exact media channel selection, preferred positioning of TV spots and press ads, media and channel synchronization.
  • Booking and tracking of every campaign, including monitoring and delivery optimization.
  • Strict and transparent accounting.
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting with the media certificates.
  • Consultation and monitoring of in-kind deals.
  • Consultation and/or negotiating of sponsorships, as well as monitoring of the said deals.
  • Digital advertising:
    • Premium display;
    • Programmaticbuying;
    • Video;
    • Social media advertising and management;
    • Mobile ads.
  • Audience review: behavior, trends, media consumption, psychographic profiling.
  • Competition review: behavior, ways of communication, media channels, ad-spend, media parameters.
  • Media channel review: quality, price vs. quality, trends.
  • Media market trends – new media, tools and methodology.